AZ Pump Laws

Title 44: What it means for pool pumps

Title 44 is a measure that was recently passed by the Arizona Legislature and added into the Appliance and Equipment Energy-Efficiency Standards of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Article 19 of Title 44 adds efficiency standards for residential pool pumps, pool pump motors, and portable electric spas into the Revised Statutes and calls for their enforcement beginning January 1, 2012. The new energy-efficiency standards affect all pumps and motors for in-ground residential pools that are one horsepower or greater.


These standards will benefit pool equipment distributors and pool professionals in that single speed pumps can effectively no longer be offered to Arizona pool owners, making it easier for you to sell higher-end, more efficient pool products.

Up until now, the APS Energy-Efficient Pools Rebate program included rebates for both two-speed and variable-speed pool pumps. Title 44 redefines the APS program baseline as a dual-speed pump, since they will now be required by code. This new baseline will make the two-speed pumps previously offered through the program ineligible to receive a rebate starting January 1.


PLEASE NOTE - In 2012, the program will be offering rebates on qualifying variable-speed pumps only.


Also, to ensure your rebate can be processed for payment, please submit ALL outstanding dual-speed pool pump rebate applications by December 15, 2011. APS cannot ensure reimbursements for dual-speed rebates submitted after this date.

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