Raypak/Ruud Classic Series

  • Raised lanced-fin design maximizes heating at lower temperatures
  • Polyester powder-coated, non-corrosive cabinet is more durable than plastic heat pump cabinets
  • High-capacity 3000-cfm fan provides unrestricted air flow for better heating
  • Scroll compressors are quiet and efficient compared to piston type compressors
  • Spiral titanium tube heat exchanger provides a corrosion-free waterway that can withstand the abuses of harsh pool chemistry
  • Codes (M6350TI-E-HC) = Prefix "M" = Rheem "D"= Ruud. Numbers (6350) First # is HP "6"= HP, Last Number is Phase "0"= 1 Phase, 3= 3 Phase.  ti = Titanium Heat Exchanger. "E"= Digital Control.  HC = Heat/Cool. HS= Heat. PD= Power Defrost.
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